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Candidate Information

**Note: because Confirmation is a sign of maturity, most communication is expected to be directly with the candidates, and not parents. That is why we are asking only for candidate contact information below. However, parents will always be copied on email communication, which we already have on file.


Baptism Information

Before any Christian can receive Confirmation, they must show that they have been baptized. Please do not use estimates on these answers. We will need accurate, exact information to update your baptismal records.


Sponsor Information

All candidates for Confirmation are required to have an active member of the Catholic Church sponsor and mentor them through the preparation process. A sponsor must meet the below requirements and cannot be the parent of the candidate. Ideally, your sponsor will be available to attend the sessions with you, but a parent may attend in their stead if they are unavailable. Learn more here-see step 1.,

I verify that my Sponsor (check all applicable boxes):

Confirmation Saint

Before you begin Confirmation prep, choose a saint who’ll be a role model and intercede for you. You can find more information about how to find the perfect saint, click here -see step 1.​

Your thoughts

Please be honest by selecting from the below options. Your responses will not be used against you or impact your ability to be Confirmed - they will help us tailor our Confirmation program to meet your needs.


Short Essay

This should be well thought out and at least 2 paragraphs (6 sentences). However, it does not need to be fancy, embellished, or drawn out. Simply answer the question - there are no right or wrong answers. You may type your answer in a separate document and upload it if you prefer. For tips on how to begin answering this big question, click here-see step 1.

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