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Small groups

commit. discuss. CONNECT.


Let's continue what we started in Alpha! Join a connect group---a place where you and 3-6 friends, along with a mentor, can explore faith, share questions, express doubts, and respond to the Gospel. Commit to a group, perfectly tailored for you, discuss how the Gospel can impact your life, and get connected to one another, Jesus Christ, and His Church.


SMALL GROUPS: Students will be sorted into groups of 4-8 (same gender, same grade) and paired with an adult mentor. Long-term connect groups help us ensure that each student is known, heard, challenged, and has a community within our parish.


CONTENT: The goal of connect groups is to give our students a place to ask questions, be challenged, and grow as disciples. Because we want this time to be utterly unique and relevant, each group will have a say in the topics and format of their time.


LOGISTICS: Meets Sundays, 6:30-8:00pm at Christ King.

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