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Kid's Small Groups: October Update

We are beginning to get into a routine each week for Kid's Small Groups now that we have 4 weeks under our belts. Groups are settling into our small group format and starting to dive into the material that focuses on prayer, cultivating a personal prayer life, and learning about the Holy Bible and Liturgical Year.

This past week, our First Graders looked at the four colors that make up our Liturgical Year--Purple, Green, White, and Red. They were challenged to look for these colors at Mass and ponder what they tell us about the Church. They learned that Purple is for Preparation, White is for Celebration, Green is for Growing Time, and Red is for Pentecost or Feasts of Great Love!

Our 2nd through 5th graders started to explore the Holy Bible, especially the Old Testament. They journeyed through the Old Testament to discover that this part of the Bible is further divided into more sections (i.e. Pentetuch, Books of Wisdom, etc.) and what the books are called. Within this context, they can see that the Holy Bible tells us about the Kingdom of God. They started a project on naming each of the books that they will continue to work on during the next couple of sessions that are coming up in October.

The goal of this semester, especially, is to root the children in a firm foundation in their own journey with God and the Church.

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