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Kid's Small Groups: Week 2

As we head into October, we are beginning to get in the swing of things--learning the small group format, where our small group space is located, making new friends and remembering to bring our Bibles and folders each week.

This week was all about color--Liturgical colors, that is! Purple, Green, Red, and White. In our Church, each color has a purpose that draws us deeper into the celebration of Mass and our relationship with Christ. Purple is for preparation of the great feasts (Christmas and Easter), White is for celebration of the great feasts, Green is for growing time between the great feasts, and red is for a special feast (Pentecost--the birthday of the Church) and for feasts of great love (Saints who loved God so much that they gave their very lives).

These colors help us enter into this cycle of living in the Christian life--preparation, celebration, growing, and sacrifice. We can follow this cycle through the use of the Church's liturgical calendar. Like our personal calendars, this liturgical calendar can help us keep track of these special days of preparation and celebration.

Questions to Ponder with your Family:

1. Have we seen these different colors at Church? Where? When?

2. What do these colors tell us? How do these colors draw us into a deeper relationship with Christ and the Church?

3. How can we be more intentional about the different seasons and celebrations in the Church year? How can we be more intentional about preparing for the great feasts of Christmas and Easter?

We will see you next week!

In Christ,

Sam & the Small Group Leader Team

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