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Kid's Small Groups: Weeks 3 & 4

For the month of October, we focused on how God speaks to us using our senses--by the things that we see around us at Mass as well as how we use our bodies to respond to God's love for us.

In week 3, our older friends (grades 3-5) went on a Church tour and explored the different areas of a Church and the items used at Mass. This, along with our discussion on the Liturgical colors, can help the children start to interact with Mass on Sundays. A great thing to do, even during Mass, is to lean over to your child and ask "What color is Father wearing today? I wonder what that is telling us...." You can also "review" the different areas of the Church with them--or ask them about it, if you don't know. You can let your child become the teacher!

For those who did not go on the Church tour during week 3, they discussed another way we can engage in the Mass. We can notice and wonder about the different gestures that the priest and/or all of us make when at Mass or during prayer. We discussed what a gesture is--using our body to communicate something without using words. We looked at the gestures of the Sign of the Cross, the Epiclesis, and the Offering. These gestures are great opportunities during Mass to call your child's attention. You can say "LOOK! There is the Epiclesis/Offering!" Not sure what the Epiclesis is? Check this out.

In week 4, our 3-5th graders learned about the Gestures and our 1st & 2nd graders went on the Church tour.

Have a wonderful rest of your week!

Sam & the Small Group Leader Team

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