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Living Liturgy at Home: May is the Month of Mary

There are so many things that I love about the month of May--the warmer (maybe?) weather, spending more time outside, gardening, evenings spent on the swing set, grilling out. The season is changing and the days are getting longer. There are buds on the trees that are ready to burst and blossom. Summer is on the horizon...

There is another thing that comes with the month of May. Did you know that during the month of May, the Church has a tradition of honoring Mary, the Mother of God?

We are in the midst of the Easter season--7 beautiful weeks celebrating the Easter JOY that Jesus is Risen, that he lives within us and that he will come again! ALLELUIA!

As we enter into May, lets take some time to get to know Jesus' mother, Mary and the beautiful gift she is to us and our faith. Below you will find some ideas on how to honor her in your home this month.

Home May Crowning

In May, some parishes may have a small ceremony to "crown Mary" as an act of honor and love for her. Since we cannot gather at together at the moment, you can have a small little Mary crowning at home. Do you have a statue of Mary around your home? You can make a small crown out of paper or flowers from your yard and have a May crowning at home. You can use this website for some ideas on how you can do this with your children.

Flowers for Mary

Does your parish have a statue of Mary either inside or outside of the Church? Pick some flowers from your yard, your local farmers market, or store and bring them to Mary at Church. Christ King has an outdoor Mary statue (along with some inside) and St. Bernard and St. Pius X have one inside. You can make this small gift to Mary this way, beautify the environment, and children LOVE giving flowers.

Daily "Gifts" for Mary

One way that I am celebrating the month of May for Mary is by making small "gifts" every day to Mary to say thank you for her love and care in my life. These small acts of love can look like having more patience with my children, cleaning up small messes around my house without complaining, and doing my work well.

Learn and Pray the Rosary--Family Style

Praying the Rosary is a powerful tool of prayer for the family. I encourage you to start small. Start with learning the "Hail Mary" and "Our Father" prayers together---say one a day for a week. Then, start with one decade (this is what we do with my family) each night. This is usually what small children can handle. But, once you feel like your family is ready, you can start praying the Rosary together.

Want to learn more about the Rosary? Check out this video:

Other Online Ideas

Have a blessed rest of your May, my friends!

In Christ,

Ms. Sam

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