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be sealed with the holy spirit.

Fall 2021 overview


We are in the midst of transitioning from a spring to fall Confirmation, which means that in 2021 we will have two Confirmation dates: April 20 and November 9. Because of Covid-19 restrictions on large group sizes, we have decided to provide a preparation program that is primarily done on your own time/schedule with your sponsor. Don’t worry, we’ll keep in contact throughout the semester to provide all the material and support you’ll need so you won’t be on your own! But this model will also keep you safe while also avoiding additional screen/zoom time and needing to reschedule/cancel due to covid, while (hopefully!) providing a meaningful preparation process.


When we are baptized, we are adopted by the Father and given the opportunity to participate in Christ’s role as Priest, Prophet, & King. Through Confirmation, God completes our Baptismal grace and deepens our call to live this three-fold mission. This is not a rite of passage or graduation from religious ed. It a sacrament of mission and power, giving Christians the strength and grace to live out the mission of Jesus Christ and His Church. View Overview PDF to see discernment questions. 


Step 2: COMMIT

  • Select a Sponsor or Mentor: Each confirmation candidate must select a sponsor. This person is a representative of the Catholic community who agrees to mentor the candidate throughout the semester and presents the candidate to the bishop at the Confirmation Mass. A sponsor should be someone who not only models the Christian life but can also challenge you to grow in it. To be eligible, the person must be a baptized, confirmed, and practicing Catholic who is in good standing. A student may not choose a parent. 
    • Click here for more information on choosing a sponsor.

  • Fill out Request for Candidacy Form by April 18: This online form is for students to fill out, not parents. Before you fill it out, you will need to know your sponsor's name and contact information, baptismal date, church, and city. If you were baptized at a parish other than St. Bernard, Christ King, or St. Pius X, you will need to scan and submit a copy of your baptism certificate. 

  • Parent Registration: If you have not already officially registered for Confirmation and paid the $90 fee, you can do that here. Financial aid available.


Between now and our kickoff  (April 25-May 13), you should:

1. Make sure you have the supplies you need

If you do not have a Catechism or Bible, and cannot find or afford one, please contact Sarah.

2. Begin Thinking about your Confirmation Saint

There is a rich tradition in the Catholic Church of choosing a new name to begin a new mission. Abram became Abraham, people who become nuns or monks, have historically taken new names, as does a bishop who becomes pope. You are asked to take the name of a saint you admire. This saint will also be someone who can intercede for you in heaven. You will take this saint’s name at the Confirmation Mass.​​



For Fall 2021 Confirmation

  • April 25-May 13: After you commit, sign up to attend a Kickoff session with your sponsor. Sign up here

  • May-October: Meet with your sponsor/mentor 5-7 additional times.

    • TIMES: These meetings are scheduled on your own time/location. They may be done at the parish, in a coffee shop/public place, or over Zoom (if necessary).

    • CONTENT: Each sponsor and each student will receive a booklet that provides discussion questions, prayer prompts, and video intros for each of the 5 additional meetings. Meetings are designed to be 60-75 minutes in length.

    • PRAYER & SERVICE EXPERIENCES: Each duo are also asked to complete a service and prayer experience. If your sponsor is not able to serve alongside you or join you in prayer, you may complete this with another person or on your own. 

    • ACCOUNTABILITY: Accountability: each student is responsible for recording when they met with their sponsor and having their sponsor sign off on it. This will be turned in on October 9-10.

  • October 9-10 - Commitment Weekend: One month prior to our November 9 Confirmation Mass, students will be asked to officially request the sacrament of Confirmation from the Church. At this point, students should have completed all (or most) of their preparation with their sponsor and be able to make a commitment to live a Christian life of discipleship.​​

  • November 7 - Confirmation Day Away: See below.​

  • November 9, 7pm Confirmation Mass at Christ King with Bishop Haines


November 7, 2021

Two days before Confirmation, candidates will gather for final preparation. The location and exact time for this retreat depends on current Covid-19 restrictions. Ideally, we will attend Mass in the morning, then take a bus to a retreat center for the day. We will return in the evening to end the day with our Confirmation practice (with sponsor). Tentatively, the day will begin with 8am Mass and end at 7pm. This may be shortened, but will not be extended.

More details coming soon...

But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Sama'ria and to the end of the earth."

Acts 1:8