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Help teens serve...from your own home!

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

We need help organizing and communicating our new Confirmation service project.

We need your help!

One goal of our Confirmation program is to teach our candidates to live a life of stewardship. To do that, we need our students to know that they have a voice, a role, and a home in their parish. This year, we want to help each Confirmation candidate identify their strengths and interests, and to identify how they can use those strengths to further the Kingdom. We want to connect every junior with an ongoing committee or ministry opportunity in their home parish. Students can serve in St. Vincent de Paul, organize prayer, sing at Mass, join a committee, teach younger students, etc. I know this could be an incredible experience for our teens, but, I can't organize it alone.

I'm looking for one person from St. Bernard, one from Christ King, and one from St. Pius to help me implement this program in their own parish.


  • Help Sarah identify ministry opportunities in your parish that will be a good fit for our juniors.

  • Make connections with committee/ministry liaisons.

  • The students will sign up for their preferred service opportunity. Type that information into a spreadsheet.

  • Connect students via email with appropriate liaisons.

  • Keep record of which committee/ministry each student is volunteering with.

  • Follow up with each liaison half way through the year, and alert youth minister to any issues.

This is approximately 8-10 total hours of work for the year and there won’t be meetings, someone can do all this from home. If you are detail-oriented, comfortable with email and spreadsheets, and have a love for our parish and teens, contact me!

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